10/21 Postage is up again!

Attention!! 8/18/21 I’m having email problems. If you are expecting a reply from me, please check your trash or spam folder. Cox cable has kinda blown me off. There will be a new ISP pretty soon. I get the message, but who knows where the reply goes? If you have a pending order, call me at 760-908-3644, ONLY if you have an order. Sorry for the problem.

10/25/20 Postage is up, AGAIN!

Update 8/14/20. I’ve been paying a bunch of fees to paypal because there are some of you that don’t know what ‘friends and family’ is, or don’t use it properly. Therefore, starting now, I will charge you the roughly 4% fee, and if I don’t get charged, I will refund in cash with the part. To use friends and family, You need a paypal account connected with your bank account, and have a balance of funds in the paypal account. You can use a credit card, but there will be a charge. Again, YOU pay PayPal, NOT me! The way its working today, you enter the email you want to send to ([email protected]) enter the amount, enter my name (vince hughes) hit the sending to a friend (no fee), thats it. Thanks for understanding.

Oct. 2019
Hello Karters!
Vintage karting is changing. The “Golden Era” of karts is dwindling away, due to mortality, age of participants, aches and pains, and the changing dynamics of Vintage Kart meets. The days of finding an early kart, the thrill of hunting down the needed parts, the pride and joy of restoring it to new, and taking it on the track to show off its primitive beauty and low power, are almost gone.
The trend seems to be “Race” minded guys, slightly younger, with machines that have much more power, and all look the same as a brand new kart. It’s all about how fast ”I am” now.
Everybody that sells vintage parts, or karts agrees that it’s a dying market. So, with the above in mind, I’m going to start winding down on the parts I make, and pretty much, when they’re gone, that’s it. So if you have a project coming up, don’t wait getting the parts thinking they will always be available.
There’s some new stuff on the site if you haven’t scoped it out lately, take a look. The starter cup deal is hot right now, ‘while supplies last’.

Carry On.

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