…and I was lucky to stumble across his work. He is an extraordinary guy and dedicated to accuracy. Thank you Vince Hughes!

From Fred, February 10, 2006
Subject: You The Man
Just wanted to tell you thanks again for all of your efforts. The element of camaraderie that you add to these events is unmatched by anyone. To put in as much time as you do on your karts and still find time to put so much thought into the entire package of an event is without a doubt commendable. Albeit, I really enjoy running my karts hard, I’ve discovered that I need to exercise my bullshitting skills a lot more and take advantage of the more memorable times to be had in the social gatherings taking place. Your “good times” model is an admirable one to follow, and besides, we had way too much beer left over from my liking. Thanks again for doing what you do best.

From Rick, May 16, 2016
Subject: Thank you !!!
Hi Vince, Just want to thank you for making these vintage parts available so we vintage guys can have fun again, and smell the alky and castor again. Re 49er intakes. I make some Mc flywheel wrenches for some of my friends and no one understands the time involved in some things as you know too well. Great service, great parts Vince. -Rick

From Barbara, October 7, 2016
Subject: motor mount
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome service. The quality of the mount is fantastic. my husband was extremely satisfied with everything. Thanks again. – BH

From John, June 20, 2008
Subject: Nothing wanted
Hey Vince,
This time I don’t need anything, I was out in the garage doing stuff, and it hit me how helpful you’ve been to myself and many, many others. I thought it’s time I say “THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE TO HELP SO MANY OF US”.