Copy of GEM 2 piece side mount for Mac’s. SOLD OUT.

2 piece mount for WB610/820 engines. SOLD OUT

McCulloch steel engine mounts. Exact copy of Mac factory 65 degree mount for F-1, R-1 etc. Also available in 45 degree, and with Mac or Briggs pattern base plate. (only McCulloch kart frames use the Mac pattern) $65. U-weld kit save 25%.

West Bend-Power Products 2 piece mount fits all ‘round’ West Bends, 500 rookie engine, Power Products 3 and 4 bolt cases. Steel side plate only, $35.

Copy of factory steel mount for WB580/700 engines. Engine is centered fore-aft for LH or RH mounting. Available with different offset to your spec’s, no returns. $49. U-weld kit save 25%.

Go Kart 800 frame plates. Exact copy of original, $49. pair. 1 pair left!! Have a couple LH sides extra. $30.

Go Kart Big Bear Scrambler engine plates. NO more!

Copy of West Bend ‘logo’ base mount. Sold Out. Note, the new batch of the logo mounts has been beefed up on the base plate making it thicker, and the slots not so close to the edges. Still the standard Briggs pattern, just stronger than the original or earlier repro’s.

Copy of 820 steel side plate only. Countersunk and bolts included. Also available not countersinked. $35.