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Payment is up front only. Products are shipped cheapest way, generally USPS Priority Mail, and run between $8.- $16. for most packages. Larger stuff goes FedEx Ground, and must go to a street address (not PO Box). Insurance is suggested on every order, at buyers expense. Once the package leaves here, it’s yours. Email us for shipping quotes and payment instructions at [email protected] . We take checks, money orders (made out to Vince Hughes) and Paypal, sent to ‘friends and family’ NOT ‘for goods’. Some people call this gifting or as a gift thru PP. If you’re not familiar with paypal, go to the home page and read the update from 8/14/20. There is currently no fee to send money this way, however, Paypal has advised us of up coming changes to ‘fees’, and might start charging a 4-5% fee on any transaction, which will be paid for by the buyer. If you request a Paypal invoice from us, there is a minimum $10. fee attached to your bill. Our Paypal address is [email protected] or [email protected] . Priority mail comes with $50. insurance for free, and USPS will email you a shipping confirmation with tracking number, after we print the shipping label, so you can track your own package.

Any international shipping needs a quote, and must be paid thru Paypal in USD.
Prices are subject to go up or down at our discretion, and any products may be dropped at any time.

About Sand Casting
All our aluminum parts are sand cast grade 319 aluminum silicon copper alloy, which has proven to be very durable. Pitting is inherent, and castings with large or too many small pits are rejected. Our standard finish is ‘belted then tumbled’ for a uniformly smooth ‘cast’ looking finish and color.

About Steel Parts
All our steel parts are precision laser cut to exacting spec’s. Material is generally mild steel, pickled in oil, and has a very clean, smooth surface. Most welding is done by MIG, but TIG is used when necessary. Standard finish is raw steel unless otherwise stated.

Chrome polishing – no longer available!
The Chrome shop we have been associated with for many years, has been sold. We cannot offer polishing or plating at this time. If a suitable new shop is found that offers us a reliable job at a reasonable price, we will make that service available.