NOS 91/101 reed cage assembly. $29.

Repro later style spark plug cover for Mac’s. Comes with correct aluminum rivet and keeper. NICE part! $13.

Early low profile version fit Mc6 and up to about Mc90 engines. Very nice part. Comes with copper rivet. $13.

Mac “blocksaver” piston, fits 6” Mac’s, Mc7 thru Mc93. Factory piston is +.055”, comes with chrome pinned rings. Fits Mc 8 and up rods. Closed side for 3rd port operation, or do your own modifying for 91/93 finger ports. These have saved a lot of wasted and needled blocks. Sold Out.

Mac “blocksaver” piston. Just got a small supply same as above, except +.085. Also a few 075. $59.

Modify pistons above for finger ports. Add $29.

*Special* New factory West Bend 580 piston and pin. Standard size. $25.

WB700 std, PP58 or 61 std, or WB580+030 ring set. $10.

Mac head washers. Hard to find. $12. per 100

Laser cut crank weights for Mac in different thickness, .116 .100 .073 and .058. West Bend 580/700 in .134 .116 .100 .073 All weights are $10. a pair. NOTE: Engine balance seems to be the opinion of the engine builder. As far as I can tell, there is NO hard and fast numbers. Don’t ask me whats the correct weight to use, I dont know.

MEP-11 Gasket sets for Clinton 400/490/500, West Bend 580 and 820, Macs. Inquire

MEP-12 *Special* Mac 49 pistons. $50. Misc sizes. These also fit Mc5 Mc6 Mc10 engines.

See MP07 next page.

Pull Starters. I have some new, assembled with all NOS McCulloch parts except the cover bolts, includes pawl kit. Original black Mac textured paint. $89. Specify the drive length you want. Remanufactured: all have new spring, rope and handle, and might have many other NOS parts. These are new black wrinkle powdercoated. Comes with pawl kit. $59. Specify the drive length you want. No sawdust screens are included..