Tillotson Kits. A quality repair kit with the most often needed parts to freshen up your HL carb. $4.90 each.

Chromemoly throttle shaft clips. 4130 clips replace the brittle stock Tilly clips. Standard thickness is 1/32 (.032) and repair clip for both Tilly and Mac carbs is 1/16” (.062). (minor machining required) Last clips you’ll ever buy. Guaranteed not to break. $3.25 each.

JSJ Carb Adapter Plate. Revised plate fits a Mac flatback or HL Tillotson carb to a 91/101 intake and reed block. You will need to drill and tap the 2 vertical holes on the intake to ¼-20, and remove existing studs. Revised plate comes with one of the holes counter sunk, and flattop allen bolt. $35. Read notes here.

“The 49er” Copy of GEM intake, slightly modified to also fit early blocks with small intake window. Requires stock West Bend 820 reed cage. (early saw blocks with ribs requires checking and modifying clearance between ribs and top reed pedal. Read notes here) $49. Out of Stock